iPhone/iPod Touch Apps

Virtual Road Race - Participate in a 5K run with other runners from around the world in real-time using your iPhone!
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Run Vocalizer - Train to be your best using this app, which gives you vocal feedback allowing you to "bank" your miles/pace as you run to acheive a goal time!
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Lap Slapper - Whether you are on a running track, treadmill, or fixed-distance looping course, you can use this app for both iPhone or IPod Touch to track your miles and achieve a goal pace!

Run Router - No GPS on the iPod Touch?, No Problem.. This app uses the iPod Touch's wifi-based location services to approximate your location on a course that you draw. This allows you to track your miles as you run in a manner more accurate than a pedometer.

Pace Qualifier - Goal-Based Run Coaching on a Watch at Last!

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